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You are viewing a time-lapse of the Australia and New Zealand, Executive (c.31,000) and Non-Executive (c. 8,000) ecosystem.

The use of technology is core to our business model at Mason Wilhelm. However, it can be hard to articulate the extent to which we have invested in data, without seeing our bespoke tools. 

The animation you are observing is a time-lapse of the Australia and New Zealand, Executive (c.31,000) and Non-Executive (c. 8,000) ecosystem. Each purple node signifies an individual and, as the animation unfolds, each red node, a company captured in our aggregated database.


Both companies and individuals are "tagged" using identifiers we consider valuable, including their operating industry and the function they lead. In this particular render, the turquoise nodes constitute industry tags and the green nodes, function tags.

As the data renders, observe how this structuring of the data results in the formation of clusters as tags exert forces on individual nodes, attracting those that are similar while repelling those that are not. You are viewing an actual and figurative search universe which can be used to quickly filter data for an outcome. 

This is one of a number of tools which underpins the Mason Wilhelm search philosophy - start broader, filter harder, move faster - elaborated upon further below.

Black and White Skyline

Start Broader

Though aggregation and consolidation of several of the world’s premier global executive databases we ensure each search begins with interrogation of an exhaustive and up to date dataset rather than those most recently engaged or top of mind.

This provides the foundation for, and is complemented by, deep sourcing from Partner level consultants to ensure we triangulate to the best, pre-referenced talent across the candidate landscape.

Filter Harder

Measure twice, cut once - each search commences with the use of bespoke, experiential and competency scales reducing the risk of miscommunication and time wastage.

We interview candidates to those criteria with two Partner-level consultants in the room, and use world-leading Hogan personality testing on every candidate, before we introduce them to clients.

Move Faster

Our use of technology gives us a fast start on every search meaning that we can commit to a qualified long list within 15 days of being briefed.

From week one, we use next-generation collaboration tools to give clients direct access to our “working” in update meetings, to ensure we achieve alignment on what good looks like, as early as possible.​

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